Vega 100 mg Review: Affordable ED Substitute Without Customer Approval

Review and Description:

Vega is one of the emerging products in the market. Viagra prices remain high, thus creating a need for cheaper generic alternatives to supply the population’s need. Vega is made by HAB Pharmaceuticals and Research Limited, which is one of the many manufacturers of generic medication in India. Though it is produced by HAB Pharmaceuticals, the product is marketed and distributed by Combitic Global or Signature Pharmaceuticals Limited. In fact, both of them are third party exporters/ marketers only and toll-manufacture this drug by HAB Pharmaceuticals and Research Limited.

Being a drug which contains Sildenafil Citrate, Vega’s main function is to treat or give relief to patients suffering from Erectile Dysfunction (ED). Sildenafil in Vega promotes vasodilation in blood vessels surrounding the penis so that erection may be possible. Its function as a powerful PDE-5 inhibitor makes sure that the erection lasts and is sustained for a longer time period.

Regarding the manufacturer, HAB Pharmaceuticals and Research Limited is a company established for more than 30 years and is located in India. The company spoke about having large facilities for pharmaceutical production with “state-of-the-art” and internationally compliant machinery and using the international standard in manufacturing its products. It is a fact that the company is accredited by the Indian FDA to produce generic and branded generic medication. But, there was no discussion regarding the company’s approval from the USFDA or being ISO accredited.

Customer Reviews:

Vega Testimonial
Vega Testimonial

One of the reviews available for Vega was from Momcilo, who rated the product 4/5. According to the user, Vega was the perfect choice for him but did not elaborate on the details of his use.

It would have been better if more reviews were available for sildenafil citrate produced by HAB Pharmaceuticals , as they could have helped in the product’s assessment based on the viewpoint (and product experience) of its clients. There had been other product reviews for Vega, but most were not quite relevant to the product.

Pricing and Dosage:

Vega Price
Vega Price

Vega is available in the 100 mg variant only and is packaged much like its generic and brand-name counterparts (packaged in 4-pill blisters). The usual price for the brand is $4 per blister, making it $1 per pill of the product, which is generally cheaper than its competitors. Sildenafil products like Vega are used only once daily and daily intake should not exceed 1 pill per day.

How to Buy Vega 100 mg Online:

Vega is available in pharmacies all over India since the products were locally made there. But it is also gaining worldwide popularity as more online pharmacies include Vega in their product listings. Most international internet pharmacies source their products from India and most of them include Vega in their available drugs.

Since Vega contains Sildenafil Citrate, it is a prescription-only medication. If it’s going to be purchased locally the buyers are going to be required to present their prescriptions to the local pharmacies. However, there are certain online pharmacies offering the same Vega products but without the need for prescriptions.

How to Use:

Vega is usually administered about an hour before the sexual activity. The usual dose is 100 mg/day and is limited to 1 pill per day, like its Sildenafil-ED drug counterparts. But, it is still suggested that before taking the drug, patients should consult with their doctors for the best dosage appropriation, as the 100 mg dose may need to be lowered to fit the patients’ needs. Only ED patients the ones allowed to take Vega, as it is not intended for other use aside from treating ED.

Side Effects:

Side effects common to Vega are those observed in all products containing Sildenafil, as the active ingredient seems to be the one causing all these symptoms to arise. A number of patients report of experiencing headaches, stuffy nose with sinus inflammation, dizziness, nausea and vomiting, and indigestion. These symptoms are considered minor but when they seem to increase and interfere with daily living, patients should consult their doctors about them.

Any Sildenafil-containing product like Vega is not recommended for use in patients with some medical considerations and those who are currently taking medications for Tuberculosis, Prophylaxis (Antifungal like Ciprofloxacin), those taking blood pressure, cardiac, and antibiotic medications, and others more. There’s a long list containing meds that may interact with the product and the medical conditions that Vega may not work harmoniously with, so it’s better for users to undergo the proper diagnosis for this product.

Conclusion with Rating:

Sildenafil-containing products are in-demand in the market as the price for Viagra remains elusive for a larger number of the ED-stricken population. Vega, a generic-drug brainchild of HAB Pharmaceuticals is one of the products aimed to replace Viagra thanks to its low pricing but same effectiveness.

There were not many reviews found for Vega, but the available review for the product reflect client satisfaction, although there were incomplete details for the product. It would have helped if Vega had more relevant reviews on it, to properly evaluate its efficiency.

HAB Pharmaceuticals which manufactured Vega is a long-running company (about 30 years in service) and was approved by the Indian FDA. But, its USFDA is still in question, and there were some issues on the internet regarding USFDA concerns on some of its products.

Still, Vega is one of the viable choices for Sildenafil substitutes due to its pricing, although its rating couldn’t go more than 3 out of 5 because of its lack of substantial reviews and some concerns regarding its international FDA approvals.

Brand: Vega

Active Ingredient: Sildenafil Citrate

Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction

Manufacturer: HAB Pharmaceuticals and Research Limited

Country of Manufacture: India

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