Himcolin Gel 30 Review: Herbal Remedy to Replace Regular Oral ED/PE Meds

Review and Description:

There are a lot of products meant for Erectile Dysfunction (ED) and Premature Ejaculation (PE) circulating the market, and one of them is Himcolin from Himalaya Herbal Healthcare. Himcolin is different from the other men’s health medications as it takes a gel form and is intended for topical use only.

According to package instructions, Himcolin is a mixture of Ayurvedic herbs believed to aid in impotence in men. There are actually a number of active ingredients in Himcolin, but the herbs Jyotishmati (Celastrus paniculatus), Lathakasthuri (Hibiscus abelmoschus), Vathada (Prunus amygdalus), and Nirgundi (Vitex negundo) are the ones dominant in the solution as they make up 100-150mg each in every gram of Himcolin.

This product is said to benefit the users suffering from ED to attain erections by promoting blood flow to the penile and groin area through its vasodilatory effect. Himcolin also has the ability to help the users have sustained (stronger) erections while extending ejaculation time, which is also useful for those patients with problems regarding PE.

Himcolin is manufactured by Himalaya Herbal Healthcare, which according to its information, has been the first in herbal healthcare, and has been established for over 8 decades. Even if the company has been specializing in herbal medications, it has been continuously doing research to give clinical proof for their products. Also, some, if not most of the company’s products are Certified USDA Organic.

Customer Reviews:

Himcolin Gel Consumer Reports
Himcolin Gel Consumer Reports
Himcolin Gel Review
Himcolin Gel Review

A number of users were able to give their comments for Himcolin, as there were reviews found for the product on Angoor.com. The reviews were from verified buyers of the website and most of their comments for Himcolin were positive, although they were not too excellent.

Anik S., a verified buyer on Angoor.com, said in his product review that Himcolin was effective when used, as it gave him the results he desired, although his comment was that the gel needs to be reapplied from time to time as Himcolin did not prolong the erection much. Still, he gave Himcolin 5/5 stars.

Ravi and Rakeshkumar S., who were both verified buyers too, gave Himcolin only 3/5 for not working as they have predicted; although the users did not discount the fact that the product had been effective. Himcolin just did not work as they thought it would.

Pricing and Dosage:

Himcolin Gel Cost
Himcolin Gel Cost

Himcolin is only available in a 30 g tube and may be purchased online for at least $5.99 per tube, but stores sell the products for less when bought sets. There is no allotted dosage for the product and it can be used as needed.

How to Buy Himcolin Gel 30 Online:

A number of online sellers have Himcolin on their product listings so clients all over the world are able to get ahold of the herbal remedy. But the product is native to India so locals may purchase the product anywhere in the manufacturing country. Himalaya is also known to export goods to other countries so buyers can also try and search if Himcolin is available in their home countries.

How to Use:

The product is applied topically and liberally to the male genitalia and the pubic area, 15 minutes before any sexual activity. Himcolin should be applied to the shaft of the penis and the pubic region and not on the glans. Himcolin may also be used as needed and may require reapplication as recommended by other users. Although recommended for both ED and PE, users did not see much of the sustaining effect from the product, so the product is mainly for ED use.

Side Effects:

Since the product is herbal, there is no known side effect for the product when used according to package directions. But there may be a chance of irritation on the user’s part when applied on the glans. Also, buyers should note the active ingredients on the drug’s label and see whether they are allergic to some of the components of the drug.

Conclusion with Rating:

Himcolin is one of the products intended for ED and PE, although it is different because it’s herbal, and it is not an oral medication, but a topical one. Product reviews by clients are good, and some attest to its effectiveness as an ED aid, but there is not much proof to its effectiveness with regards to PE and sustaining the erections.

Although most of the client testimonials were positive towards the herbal remedy, users were not totally satisfied with its effects, unlike the satisfaction generic ED drugs elicit from its users. It is notable that most of the buyers commented Himcolin is only “average” due to its inability to sustain the effect for a long time and due to the product’s need for reapplication. But for an herbal remedy, the effect of Himcolin on users is quite commendable, as it is just a topical product but it has the ability to give nearly the same effect as the Rx meds for ED.

The source, Himalaya Herbal Healthcare is known for being consistent in delivering quality herbal medication. Even if it concentrates in producing herbal remedies, the company dedicated itself to research regarding its existing and future products. It is a well-known brand which is known to deliver results. As for Himcolin’s rating, it may be rated 4 out of 5, because even if it’s an herbal remedy, it gives the same effect as the ED meds containing , but without the possible side effects and drug interactions, it being only topical in nature. It could have been rated higher, if not only for the user comments regarding its inability to sustain its effect for long but all in all, it’s a good herbal alternative for ED.

Brand: Himcolin

Active Ingredient: Jyotishmati (CelastrusPaniculatus),Jaatipatree (MyristicaFragran)

Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation

Manufacturer: Himalaya Herbal Healthcare

Country of Manufacturer: India

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