Duralast 30 Mg Review: PE/ED Product that may be Highly Effective

Review and Description:

Duralast 30 is one of the generic products made with an active ingredient Dapoxetine, which is used in treating Premature Ejaculation (PE). Duralast is one of the products of Sun Pharma Laboratories Ltd (SPLL), which is a well-renowned company and the world’s 5th largest “specialty generic” pharmaceutical company.

The drug works as a SSRI (Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor) which blocks serotonin transporter, and consequently brings about delay in ejaculation. It is notable that SSRIs like Dapoxetine was initially intended in as an antidepressant and not as a solution for PE. But later on, SSRIs (Dapoxetine in particular) have been discovered effective in helping patients with PE.

Duralast is just one of the generic brands in the market intended for PE. But, what sets this particular drug apart is it being made by the manufacturing giant, Sun Pharma Laboratories Ltd. which includes other facilities worldwide. The company also continues to acquire many assets plus other companies as well and continues to grow by the moment. According to the information found on its official website, SPLL is a multi-agency accredited company, as it garnered approvals from various drug-regulating agencies across the world, and not only from the USFDA or Indian FDA (EMA-Europe, MHRA-UK, MCC-South Africa, TGA-Australia, ANVISA-Brazil, WHO-Geneva, BfArM-Germany, KFDA-Korea, and PMDA-Japan).

Customer Reviews:

Duralast Consumer Reports
Duralast Consumer Reports

There were not many reviews found for Duralast 30, but one of the few reviews for the product gave it a positive note. The user “desperado” told in his forum comment that he was able to achieve a prolonged intercourse and he only had as much as a minor headache as a side effect of the drug. He also recommended the use of Duralast about 3 hours before the activity, as he had used it 3 hours prior to his. As per Duralast is often used along with Sildenafil Citrate.

Since there were not many users to attest to the effectiveness of Duralast, there is still this lurking question for its effectiveness. Although Dapoxetine for PE has been indeed proven effective and that Duralast contains the same ingredients as its brand-name counterpart, it would have been better if more users/patients would give their testimonials for the drug to establish its effectiveness. On the other hand, since Duralast was manufactured by this well-accredited company, there is a certain percentage of assurance that the drug might really be an effective (and a more affordable) treatment for PE.

Pricing and Dosage:

Duralast Pricing
Duralast Pricing

Duralast is sold in 30 and 60 mg form, but the starting dose prescribed by physicians is 30 mg, and the commonly bought variant is the one with the lower active ingredient too. The usual dose prescribed for Duralast is one pill 1.5 to 3 hours before the intended activity.

With regards to pricing, patients can buy Duralast online from $30.97, which makes it roughly a dollar each. But as the quantity to be purchased gets higher, the price goes lower. For example, instead of paying $30.97 for 1 30-pill pack of Duralast, the buyers get to pay $27.85 each pack instead if they purchase 2 packs.

How to Buy Duralast 30 Mg Online:

Duralast is readily available in various online/internet pharmacies which can supply even to international clients. Even if the drug is prescription in nature, some online stores offer Duralast without prescription. But technically, that’s illegal, as Duralast is strictly a prescription-only drug.

How to Use:

The drug, Duralast is indicated to patients suffering from PE (and also for ED) between ages 18-64 (ideally). Duralast is prescribed by doctors to be taken about 1.5-3 hours before any sexual activity. Doctors usually prescribe a 30-mg initial dose, but in some cases, the patients may take up to 60 mg of Duralast per day. The drug may also be taken with or without food, based on a patient’s discretion because it will work either way.

Side Effects:

Several notable side effects of Duralast include symptoms (side effects) commonly observed in patients taking other ED medication too. Patients using Duralast may experience nausea/vomiting, chest pains, arrhythmia, headache, GI disturbances, diarrhea, sleeplessness, Tinnitus, vision changes, and choking. Should any of these side effects surface and interfere with the patients’ normal functioning, patients should contact their doctor immediately.

There are also drugs which aren’t supposed to be taken with Duralast like Cimetidine, Imatinib, Nefazodone, Antibiotics, Antifungal/Prophylactic drugs, Carbamazepine and other antiepileptics, drugs for AIDS, and TB drugs like Rifampin and Isoniazid. Grapefruit and its juice are also contraindicated for clients taking Duralast as it may interfere with its Dapoxetine content and may cause unwanted interactions. Alcohol consumption is also prohibited along with the intake of Duralast.

Conclusion with Rating:

Duralast (Dapoxetine) made by SPLL is intended to help PE and ED patients to battle impotence and resume normalcy of their sexual activities. It is a prescription-only medication, but some online pharmacies are able to distribute the drug without asking for Rx from its buyers. Users should take caution when using this drug, though, and follow their doctors’ orders regarding Duralast intake as it is a potent medication which may interact with a number of other Rx meds taken by patients, and also isn’t viable for patients with a number of pre-existing medical concerns.

There were not many reviews for Duralast online, and that is one factor that (maybe) is keeping buyers at bay. There were forum discussions for the drug but mostly were inquiries from buyers who want to know more about the drug’s effects. There may be an existing pool of Duralast users, but they may not be too open regarding their experiences using the drug.

SPLL is a manufacturing giant when it comes to pharmaceuticals. It does not only make meds in India, but it also has a number of international facilities in about 6 countries. Not only does its reach is extensive, it is also a well-accredited institution (by USFDA and its international equivalents) when it comes to drugs and drug-related products. So the credibility of Duralast is not a question, basing on the credibility of its manufacturer, anyway.

Since the reviews for the product is scarce, it can’t be properly assessed with regards to its effectiveness for actual usage. Even if that’s the case, the product still deserves 4 out of 5 only because it was manufactured by Sun Pharma. Duralast is a highly feasible option for alleviating PE and ED as its quality may be assured by its manufacturer, and also because it doesn’t hurt the budget as much as its brand-name counterparts.

Brand: Duralast

Active Ingredient: Dapoxetine

Treatment: Premature Ejaculation

Manufacturer: Sun Pharmaceuticals Industries Ltd.

Country of Manufacture: India

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